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What is so special about this coin?

Basically Waves Coin want to move payment systems and crowdfunding to blockchain. There will be USD/EUR/CNY in your wallet and a crowdfunding platform so it’s like a decentralized kickstarter the end-user client is very lite weight, no need to download blockchains, you just install it from Chrome store.

What is the difference between Waves and Ethereum?

Waves Coin are just the opposite to ETH probably. What they do is develop Bitcoin scripting, do everything using contracts, it’s very fundamental but makes certain things very complicated.

How long will transactions take?

In main net 1.0 ~ 30 sec. after that there’ll be a fork, the transactions time will lie in 1 sec range. don’t want to have it at launch, first the focus is on custom tokens, decentralized trading etc. for 1 sec tx’s some new POS is going to be implemented, LPOS, where lite node choose a full node to lease their balance to, they still receive the rewards, but the transactions become much faster due to the fact that only full nodes process them effectively

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